I don’t know what I read when I read Adultery


I don’t even know what to say about this book because what happens on the first page is basically what happens on the 21st,47th,anyfuckingnumber-th page of the book. Which I can wrap up in less that half a page(Take that Paulo Coelho).

“I’m a beautiful and successful middle aged woman.

My husband is a good looking,rich as bloody fuck,loving dude. But I never let him fuck me because I’m sad. And I’m sad because my husband never fucks me. My life suxx.

My kids are well behaved and chilled out as fuck and I totally love them. But God. My life suxx.

My job is relaxed and cool and my boss and coworkers aren’t douchebags like most others’. But did I mention? My life totally suxx.


So said bitch has a seemingly nice life. But she wants to be depressed so she is. Which is okay. That happens all the time. Shit goes down. People get depressed. You either take antidepressants to calm your tits or you overdose and kill yourself.

Par madam toh paidaishi wahiyat hain. Presenting “The Guide to Make Things Worse for Dummies:Cunt Edition” :

  1. Find an ex boyfriend from like 20 years ago.
  2. Blow him and then make out with him.
  3. Try to kill his wife.
  4. Sleep with him.


Funny thing is. Her husbands(who does not have a name throughout the book either. Wow) figures all this shit out and lets her go on with it for some reason. And (not) surprisingly, the time when she re-falls in love with him is when he gets drunk and behaves like a douchebag. You asshole-magnet bitch.

In conclusion,I’d like to rename this book ‘Bipolar Rants of a Nameless Dumb Cunt Who Needs to be Killed’.


This is the book that this is about by the way. In case you want to read it (NO. -_-)


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