Facts about pi and unexpected interpretations 

It’s π day today and if you say pi doesn’t matter,there’s only one thing to say. Do you even math bro?

I’m gonna try and use facts about pi to help understand the mad world around me. Let’s begin this.

1. Pi is irrational 

Pi is an irrational number which means it’s a non-terminating and non-repeating decimal value. And it’s arguably the most widely recognized mathematical symbol and regularly appears in pop culture. Does that imply that being irrational makes you famous?

giphy (1)

2. If you write 3.14 on a piece of paper and hold it in front of a mirror, it looks like the word ‘PIE’

giphy (2)

Although the whole pi-pie thing is good for lame math jokes,the two are worlds apart. Does that mean our appearance in the mirror is nowhere even close to what we really are?

3. Pi can be calculated using the Madhava Leibnitz series and has been an important constant in Indian mathematics for centuries

This I cannot figure out. Every other cool thing I see, there’s an Indian working behind the scenes making it happen. Why can’t we just get our shit together and dominate the world already then?

4. The world record for memorising the value of pi was set by Chao Lu of China in 2005 (67890 digits)

As always. China mass produced something figured out elsewhere. Teehee.


5. The Greek letter π was taken from P for perimeter. Both π and P are the 16th letter in the Greek and English alphabet respectively

If you’re awesome, languages don’t matter. You’re just as awesome either way, like pi is. For everyone who has ever shamed me for my love for Hindi, take that. 

I hope we all learned something new today and can appreciate that. If not that, we can at least appreciate the device we’re using to read this post which couldn’t be created without using math, physics and of course the star of the day, pi! 😀

And if you still don’t give a fuck, ITS ALBERT EINSTEIN’S BIRTHDAY!!



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