Half Girlfriend. Full Bullshit.

Listen all you teenage bitches who read Chetan Bhagat and be like


You suck.

This dude lacks originality, beauty in writing and now because of crappy repetition, humor too.

If you’ve read his other books, you don’t need to read this book anymore because I’m giving you the general formula for ALL of his books, past,present and future.

  1. Tharki,poor,intelligent guy meets hot,rich,bimbo chick.
  2. Louve happens(not really. Guy just wants to see them titties at this point)
  3. When guy finally fesses up to chick that he was in it for the bewbs, chick is like OMG how could you want to touch my boobies???
  4. Shit fucks up(you don’t say).
  5. Guy realized its more than just boobs in this case
  6. Chick realizes kuchh(pyaar) paane ke liye kuchh(virginity) khona padta hai
  7. Boy and girl reunite


So that’s basically how all of CB’s books including Half Girlfriend go.

Except somewhere in the middle of all this teenage drama romance the chick gets a husband who dies. Oh and there’s Bill Gates too. In a village in Bihar. Yeah.

There’s no humor, no good story line, no nothing here.

Man even Bigg Boss has more plot than this shit.

The description tries to give it a language-based discrimination angle but there’s none of that shit here. Its just a shitty romance novel.


In conclusion this book sucks ass. And if anybody here knows Mr. Bhagat, I have a message for him:

“Bhai Chetan Bhagat ji, aap credit fights and shaadi.com ads se hatt ke thoda writing pe dhyaan de lete toh kuchh bigad nahi jata. Okay thanks bye”


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