My Childhood vs Amish

In case you have been wondering what has gone down in my life since May 2015(Just by the way,that’s kinda creepy), here is a snippet.

*Sees preorder open for the next series by Amish(The Immortals of Meluha guy. Love. LOVE)*

*Does a mental(maybe physical but too. But no one would ever know.) dance and runs to preorder the book*

Awkward Dance

*Tears open the packaging and begins devouring Scion of Ikshvaku*

*Finds out firsthand what circumstances could do to love*

If that seems confusing, here is what I mean.

This book would have been love too IF:

a. My mother was less religious and did not substitute good night stories with Hindu mythological stories.

b. I was suddenly hit by amnesia and my entire childhood was wiped out of my head.

But in the current scenario, although I wouldn’t deny that I enjoyed reading it, it’s tough to wrap my head around something that basically goes against all I’ve ever known about the Ram vs Raavan battle.

Judging by how often I see this book during my commute on the metro now, I don’t think there’s a point in going through the details of the book here as most people already have some idea of what its about. So let me just tell you what I liked and did not like about it.

The yays:

  • There’s a suspense element here which is always good. Goes with Amish’s theme of making all famous sages seem like mastermind conspirators 😀
  • Its fun to read about the camaraderie among the brothers(Ram, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughan) which is something your standard Ramayana retelling generally ends up skipping.
  • Sita was bloody impressive here. Not the dainty and fragile little thing I always thought she was.

The nays:

  • The tweaking of a story so well imbibed in everyone’s mind gets a bit confusing.
  • Wasn’t half as captivating as the Meluha series.

Maybe I’m too rigid. Maybe my expectations were too high. Or just maybe the book was tipping on the average side.

In any case, you have now read my view on the book. But go ahead and read it if you like and tell me what you think about it 🙂



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